Lake Rescue

Enjoy the dock and the boats!

Our private dock on Lake Rescue is just a just 2-minute walk up the dirt road of Benson Point, a quiet peninsula with about 10 houses. There you will find a canoe and two kayaks, as well as oars, paddles, and life jackets in a variety of sizes from oversized adult to infant. Fishing and swimming off the dock are popular activities, and those not inclined to water sports can enjoy settling into an Adirondack chair with a good book or a drink.

View from the Lake House Dock

Lake Rescue is the largest lake in the Central Vermont Lakes Region, at 200 acres. It’s shaped like the number “8”, and our dock is tucked into a cove in the quiet northern end called Round Pond, near where the Black River feeds into the lake. This bucolic location means we have the best fishing and a quieter lake experience, as most of the motorboats operate on the larger part of the lake.

Birdwatchers and nature lovers will enjoy watching the birds that nest by the river, including the loon couple that makes its home on Lake Rescue, great blue herons, and even the occasional bald eagle visitor.

There is a public boat put-in across Round Pond, if you want to bring your own boat to tether to our dock during your stay.