COVID-19 and Lake Rescue Chalet

Until July 15, 2020, Vermont properties can only accept bookings from Vermont residents, those who have met the 14 day quarantine requirement, or those engaged in essential or other authorized work in Vermont. Details below.

Although we would like to welcome all guests with open arms, COVID-19 is affecting our ability to do this, at least during summer 2020. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has issued a Be Smart, Stay Safe Executive Order to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are specific requirements you must adhere to if you want to visit the state of Vermont.

What it means for renters

Residents of counties across New England, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey that have a similar active COVID-19 caseload to Vermont may enter the state for leisure travel without quarantining.

The State of Vermont has determined that any county with less than 400 active cases of COVID-19 per one million residents meets this criteria. The Agency is publishing an updated map and list each Monday by 5 PM at identifying quarantine and non-quarantine counties throughout New England and New York. Check it out to see where your county falls.  

Please consult the state’s web page about cross state travel, which is updated weekly.

You are probably required to quarantine

Travelers coming from locations with higher rates of active cases than Vermont are required to self-quarantine. They can complete their quarantine in Vermont, starting the day after they arrive, or do it at home before they arrive. Here’s how:

Quarantining in Vermont

  • Guests must complete a 14-day quarantine in Vermont, or
  • Guests must complete a 7-day quarantine in Vermont followed by a negative test.

Quarantining in your home state before arrival

  • Guests can complete  a 14-day quarantine in their home state, and then enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions if they drive directly to Lake Rescue Chalet from their home via their personal vehicle, or
  • Guests must complete a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative COVID test in their home state, and then enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions if they drive directly from their home via their personal vehicle

Wait, there’s more

You must also attest that you have:

  • Not had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days and
  • Not had COVID-19-like symptoms in the past 24 hours.

Vermont’s definition of “Quarantine

 “Quarantine” has a very strict meaning, according to the State of Vermont. It means you must stay at your home or at Lake Rescue Chalet, without leaving the property or engaging in any activities, including taking walks, bicycling, boating, and even grocery shopping. Vermont’s Quarantine Chart, below, expands on this information. You can also learn more here.

Required Documents

All guests who want to stay in Vermont are currently required to:

If you think you have COVID-19

If you think you have COVID-19, or one of your guests does, do not come! Cancel your trip without penalty or reschedule.

Get all the details of Vermont Be Smart Be Safe at

Cleaning Lake Rescue Chalet

We are following AirBnB and the State of Vermont guidelines in cleaning Lake Rescue Chalet to prevent the spread of COVID, as provided by the CDC. AirBnB’s guidelines are outlined here.